Propeller, which was won by 2017 World Championship in class ECO MINI EXPERT.

Propeller, which was won by 2017 World Championship in class ECO MINI EXPERT.
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Propeller, which was won by 2015 World Championship in class ECO MINI EXPERT.

Advantages of the propeller, offer you, dear future world champion - is above all the absolute accuracy of reproduction of the original!

However, the propeller has one huge advantage over the original duralumin. Naturally, this is the material from which made our propeller!

Stainless steel!

This guarantees that if your boat will race on some sort mikropredmet floating in the water, it will not be our propeller absolutely nothing!

Unlike competitor duralumin ...

How many times I have heard the groans of fellow modelers who mourn after the race, on the softness and fragility of duralumin propellers.

Yes, good! But there is not strong!

As they say in westerns: quick and the dead!

And these injuries occur mild dural propeller not in training is usually, and in the most that neither is responsible, decisive moment of the final race!

Therefore, I have a rule: got well, but duralumin propeller - make it a copy of the steel.

But what if more is not easy to copy screw and screw on which it was possible to win the World Championship 2015!

Yes, and the propeller was in skillful hands by Eugeniy Gromov (yes, immodest, I know, I confess).

And made with a small screw it all the magical passes and manipulation ....

Then you and the removal surface of the blades, there and dynamic, precision balancing in skilled sensitive fingers (balancing device I do not use. I do not give them the desired accuracy!),and adjusted to the pitch of each blade, on blade pitch meter.

Such propeller would have accelerate your MINI, on the very first place on the podium!

I tested this propeller. Bright! I can say definitely!

For dedicated add: like KSK for efficiency .. THAT IS ONE OF THE BEST!


Diameter: 24.5 or less. What make such and sawed.

blade width: 7.4 mm. Can you say how to saw.

Finish bore: 3 mm below, wish slot.

Hub diameter 5.5 mm

Propeller has Removing a working surface,

precision dynamic balancing

and ready to be installed on the model.

Boat on wather! Start!

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