ARTR MINI ECO Expert 2007

Fully assembled MINI ECO, for beginners and profis

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$ 130
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Budget version for beginners.
Included you get everything except control equipment and the charger.
Our new ECO concept ...
For a long time I have swarmed up with the idea about a project budget.
It should not only deal with jobs and blowing, but also to do something for the pioneers, that is sudomodelistov beginners who are taking their first steps in the subject ECO boats.
Prerequisites for the construction of of such a model:

As practice shows - to collect effectively driving MINI ECO (just like ECO) - without complex necessary skills from zero level - it is almost impossible.

As a result, much deliberation, the purpose of which was: SIMPLIFY BEGINNER START in ECO RACE, was implemented this one project that I bring to your attention:

So. We have 200% racing hull MINI ECO 2007 Made in armor-piercing performance for *beginner* - especially added extra layers of fiberglass ..
Then we choose on Hobby King most budget, but checked on many MINI boats and ensure a good motor, battery and servos. Added to the set - controller from a reputable manufacturer.
All this was inserted into the body of the ECO MINI 2007, which we starting all the necessary hardware:
CNC milled motormount,
Racing propeller, maded and balance from Gromov,
Assembled steering ruder unit,
Glued emergency switch for stopped the boat.
Glued tubes for input - output motor cooling water,
Cut in the right places inlets - drain water barrier to flip the boat.
Even water cooling on the motor installed and connected silicone tubing ...
You will only need installed reciever insert in your boat!
And nothing more!!!
The boat has been tested and tested on the waves, and in calm weather.
Here's a video of the first test:

As a result, we are fully *ready to fight* MINI ECO 2007 in garanteed driving condition, received the affliction which our *pioneer* EXACTLY not disappointed in ECO works.

This was my key idea that was started this whole budget epic ...
This model will become a starting platform that can set the tone for further work in the direction of our ECO *beginner*.
Completeness MINI ECO 2007 ARTR:
Fully assembled boat.
Not included only receiver.
Installed motor 24 mm diameter.
On the motor installed water cooling spiral of the aluminum tube.
Bolted to the motor coupling.
Installed and connected to the motor controller 30A. With watercooling.
Inserted LiPo battery 3S1P, or 2S1P.
Compiled steering parts wish micro servo.
Rudder installed.
There jumper to interrupt the power circuit.
Cover hatch in complete.
Place your receiver in boat and in fight!
Turning the boat on the water you should be exposed to at least 2 meters! Otherwise, your boat will be dived! Be aware of this!
On my mini - turning diameter of 3 meters! The race is quite enough! BELIEVE ME!
Good luck in boat battles, *beginner*!
P.S. this complet, get 41 laps in 2018 year. In Holland race.
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