Rudder for ECO MINI boats

New rudder for your victories.
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New rudder for your victories.

For a long time we figured - how to be, the rudder on the MINI ECO boat ...
And that would not have braked hard, and taxied to guarantee and confidence ..

Found. And the shape of the rudder blade and have come to the right rudder Diamer (axis, which is welded to the steering wheel, where the wheel and rotate).

With this rudder, in 2010, was won World Championship in class ECO Mini Expert juniores.

With this rudder, in 2013, was won World Championship in class ECO Mini Expert.

In general, as my friend - work it ...

You just have to put this rudder, on your mini boat ...

Technical parameters of rudder:

The length of the rudder axe - 30 mm
The diameter of the rudder axe - 4.00 mm
The height of the rudder blade 45 mm
The width of the rudder at the top - 14 mm
The width of the bottom of the rudder - 9 mm.
The thickness of the rudder blade 1.1 mm
The angle of inclination of the leading edge of the rudder relatively rudder - approx. 4-5 deg.
Material rudder blade - stainless steel. Material rudder axe - simple steel.
Rudder is soldered to the hard solder (the melting temperature of approx. 900 degrees C)

Rudder is sharpen.
The height of the rudder axe is cut at a place under your model.

No additional procedures before installation on the model, the Rudder is not required.

Bet and win.

Производитель: Ecomaster
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