LiPo RedZone 1750 3S1P 25C for racing Boats. Made in august 2017

True 1700 mAh... For season 2017. Really discharged capacity: 1680-1760 mAh
Артикул: 1750
Наличие: Есть в наличии
€ 29
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 New, fresh LiPo's, for MINI classes in NAVIGA rules.

Weiht of pack - up to 108 gramms wish connectors.

1750 mAh 25C 3S1P


85х19х35 mm

My test results: 

Charher iCharher 308 Duo

Charge 1,7A up to 4.2V

Discharge 7A up to 3.3V

Discharged capacity: 1705 mAh

IR after discharge: 6,2/6,4 milliOhm