LiPo для F1E 2600 mAh 80C

Truthful 80C
Артикул: 2600F1
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LiPo for class F1E.

Batteries have the highest possible impact on today truthful 60C (not invented 100-200-300S).


Battery Specifications:

Block voltage: 11.1V 3S1P

The capacity of batteries of 2600 mAh.

Maximum continuous operating current: 156A

Unit Weight: 199 gr.

Unit Dimensions: 20h39h122 mm.

The internal resistance of one cell: 2-2.5 milliohms.

From experience I can say that the Chinese leadership in this class, set to block their boats from six to seven such batteries.
KV motors while, at about 3200 volts. Motors of size 1540.


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