LiPo 5000 30C 3S1P Tenshock 2017. Made in august 2017

Sell from 16 april 2016 True 30C!
Артикул: LiPo 5100 30C 3S1P Tenshock 2017
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New, fresh 2017 year batteries from Tenshock.

Specially made for racing sports classes shipmodels acting competition rules NAVIGA.

When discharged to 3.2 volts per cell - Devoted be guaranteed capacity 5000 mAh.

Resistance - 1,5 - 2 millOhm per Cell!

The battery sold without soldered balancing wires, and power 4 mm connectors. 

Balancing wires in complet.

Everything falls in the weight limit of 280 grams.


Technical characteristics:

Lithium polymer battery

Сapacity: 5000 mAh 3S1P

Voltage: 11,1V

C rating: 30C

Weight: 275-279 grams

Discharge test 1:

Charger Icharger 308 Duo

Charge 5A up 4,200V

Discharge 7A up 3,3V pro Cell



Discharge test 2:

Charger Futaba CDR 5000

Charge 5A up 4,230V

Discharge 20A up 3,2V pro Cell

Temperature after discharge 48 grad C.

Batteries - really racing and very sportived..

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