Eraser MINI MONO ARTR WORLD Champion 2015

Newest and successful our MINI MONO!

European and World Champion

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Newest and successful our MINI MONO!

Model * Eraser *.

Version ARTR. (Almost Ready To Race).

Ukrainian Champion 2018

Netherlands Champion 2017

Ukrainian Champion 2017

European Champion 2016 (Nagykanycha, Hungary. 1-6 August 2016)

Latvian champion 2016 (2-3 juni 2016)

WORLD Champion 2015 (Kedzerzhin Kozle, Poland. 20-29 August 2015)

European Champion 2014 (Kolomna, 5-12 August 2014)

The boat is designed to participate in class races MINI MONO and built in accordance with building standards in this class shipmodels.
It is designed for the installation of LiPo battery 2S1P or 3S1P.
Brushless motor, for example by Tenshock, size 1515.
Propeller diameter 30 - 32 mm.
Hull length 450 mm

Hull is made from fiberglass and carbon fiber.
Boat is glued and found everything, except the receiver.
You just have to set your receiver. And in the battle!

Contents of delivery:

In case affixed sealed partition for coup model for its dive. It happens that the boat floats on a surface upside down. And so it is. This model provides the ability to quickly coup in bottom down.

In hull it is installed:

1. Brushless motor Tenshock V1515/12 4600KV, with original water-cooled.
2. Three-phase controller 30A.
3. LiPo battery 2S1P 2200+ mAh
4. Servo with power of 1.5 kg and speed of 0.1 sec.
5. Installed, specially made for this hull and steering ruder from Tenshock.
6. Installed duralumin propeller 30 mm diameter from Tenshock.
7. Organized input and outlet of cooling water.

All geometry and settings in this boat, copied one to one with the boat World Champion in 2015.

As you can see - you just have to insert your receiver in this model to charge the batteries and go on the water!

Video from final race World Championship 2015. Our boat - lite green, #1.

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