ECO 030 Newest evolution in ECO hulls building

New hull from our ECO factory.
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New hull from our ECO factory.

Every two years, so it was moved - our hull builder studio releases new ECO hull.

It is finished now.

The current development - the result of the evolution of our buildings 2008 - 2014.

It is a good hull in 2008 (Russian Champion in 2009, 2010, 2012) was a result of improvements and approximation, will drive a new level of handling and ride quality!

The boat was more economical in terms of energy consumption rate.

Saved abrupt and sharp turn of new hull!

Its strong point, so to speak ... In a stunning handling and not to depart from the rotation..

Hull is narrower in width - the result of many tests and trials.

It is a longitudinal redan on the wing - the wing reduced wettability when turning.

And so all over - everywhere just by a little bit.

A new form of elite, a new form of the hatch cover.
Opportunity to order the Hull with preformed cavities to install the transom plate.

This setting plates and their use - is much easier and faster set-up and alignment of the boat on the water.

Gallery of wins:

1-5 May 2015 St. Petersburg - 2nd place in the EA .... 46 laps

23-25 May 2015 Murrhardt Germany - 2nd place wish 46 laps ..

On World Championship 2015 - 48 laps.

Belgium Cup 2017 49 laps

Ukrainian nats 2017 53 and  56 laps

Italian Cup. Bolonia 7-8 juli 2018 50 laps

Ukrainian nats 2018 51 laps


Hull characteristics:

Length 580 mm

Width 220 mm

Height 85 mm

One sealed walls are built-in.

Left behind - for the organization of the coup System.

Hull made of fiberglass and carbon fabric, using vacuum forming epoxy resin Larit 286.

Painting in the matrix, automotive paint.

Komplet of delivery:

Hull, and hull cover.

Hurry - we make them very small and not for all .... :)


Производитель: Ecomaster
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