ECO, and ECO MINI ruder systems.

Ready for gluedin hull, ruder for ECO and MINI ECO class
Артикул: MINI RNS
Наличие: Есть в наличии
€ 14
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New ruder system.

Made from laser cutting, hard stainless steel.

Ready for glued in hull!

This Ruder systems made in two variants:

1. for ECO / FSR E. Price 36 euro, wish servo Hitec 81

2. for MINI ECO. Price 22 euro, wish micro servo 1,3 Kg/0,1sec 


Selling can, wishout installed servo..

1. for ECO / FSR E. Price 17 euro, wishout servo.

2. for MINI ECO. Price 14 euro, wishout servo.


Please, when you will ordered this ruder, made your choise - what exactly ruder system complet, you need....