Evgeniy Gromov

RC BOAT ECO 2008 ARTR Almost ready to race, racing ECO boat!

The boat that goes directly *from the table*
Артикул: ECO2008ARTR
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€ 438
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Boat that goes directly *from the table*
How come?
Over the past three racing seasons, we have found the ideal position inserts all internally in the boat.
Motorholder, propeller shaft line, steering ruder .
This is essential for fast and high-quality drive this boat.
Win Russian championship 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 in class ECO expert
Win Ukraine championship in 2008 and 2009 in classes ECO expert, ECO standard, ECO team.
Win Spain championship in 2009 and 2010 class ECO expert.
Win Poland championship in 2011 in class ECO Expert.
Win World championship in 2015 in the class of standard ECO juniors.
Win Russian Cup in 2015 in class ECO Expert. 49 laps!
* Bottom of the boat is made of cloth carbon - for greater strength of the hull.
* Boat glued to the inside of all the necessary installation elektroniks.
Kompelkt of delivery:
Was glued:
* Steering column has ruder and all co-parts.
* Mounting servos
* Motorholder
* Propeller shaft line.
* Have the propeller shaft of the wire 2 mm, with the adapter under 3 mm, for mounting the propeller.
* Coupling 2.00 x 4.00 mm. for connecting the motor shaft and propeller shaft - in complect.
* Shortstop power circuits (emergency stop) - the requirement of the rules.
* Paste the power wires from the emergency switch on the controller and the battery.
* Set the suction hose and tube water discharge, water cooling of the motor.
* In case the hole cut for the intake and discharge of water body of revolution.
In boat is installed:
* Brushless electric motor Tenshock Viper 1530 4000KV wish wathercooling, coupling connecting it to the propeller shaft.
* Sharpened and balanced propeller for this boat. From stainless steel.
* Electric speed controller from Castle Creations 100A, wish wathercooling.
* Servo Hitec 81
* LiPo Battery 2S1P 6600 mAh from Turnigy A-SPEC
And yet ... In the battle ....
Boat is almost no need to set up on the water ...




Производитель: Ecomaster
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