Evgeniy Gromov

Alfa. MINI ECO expert. ARTR

Fully assembly.

Without your reciever, only!

All another equipment: on a board!

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€ 320
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Length of the hull is 428 mm.
The hull is already adapted for the new limiter Lithium Polymer batteries.

ALL boats are painted in matrices.

Yes, and glossy automotive two-component paint firm Duxon ... Very impressive and durable.

To increase the strength of the hull, along the entire central part of the bottom of the hull, wide strip of carbon is pasted!
This has already become a necessary attribute, with the increased speeds and capacities of these minischarges!

ECO MINI Alfa boat, offered to you, is fully assembled and ready for the boat races. The called version of ARTR (almost ready to run).

Lipo in complet!

You just need to install your receiver.

And that's it!

Complete set of delivery:


1. LiPo battery pack with a capacity of 3S 1500 mAh 25С, or 2S 2200 mAh 25C pack.
2. Installed three-phase electric motor Tenshock Viper 1515 - one of the best solution in this class.
3. Motor water cooling is installed on electric motor.
4. An electronic controller is installed and connected.
5. Installed and mounted the whole steering ruder system. Installed steering servo.
6. Mounted shaftline: motor - coupling - propeller shaft.
7. There is a perfectly balanced, ready-to-race stainless steel propeller.

You only need to connect your receiver. Only!


 You need 40+ laps in race: take the Alfa MINI!



Evgeniy Gromov.

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