Shaft line for ECO boats

Precision shaftline, for viners!
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 Shaftline, soldered with POS 61 solder by triangular stainless steel triangle.

A soldering cone is used to discharge water from the end of the stern tube.
Water due to the presence of a cone - almost does not get inside the hull.

At the output of shaftline - a sleeve made of PTFE.

Shaftline is made for installation in the model of the ECO Expert class, Eco standard, FSR E21.

We ourselves drive precisely on such shaftline.

Technical dates:

Length of shaft tube: 150 mm
Outer diameter of shaftline tube: 4 mm

Material of shaftline tube: brass.
Inside diameter of shaftline tube: 3.2 mm
Length of propeller shaft: 180 mm
Propeller shaft diameter 2.00 +/- 0.01 mm
Height of sta in less steel triangle: 23 mm.
Thickness of triangle 1,6 mm. Material:stainless steel.
The length of the soldered side of triangle approx. 60 mm
Material cone: brass.
The larger diameter of the cone: 5.5 mm.
Cone length: 15 mm
Adapter sleeve, glued on shaft, with Loctite 638.
Length of the adapter 12 mm
Thread on adapter sleeve M4 or slot adapter 3 mm.
Thread length on adapter 10 mm

Contents of delivery:

One shaftline complet. 

Производитель: Ecomaster
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