Motor Tenshock Viper 1515/15 for ECO MINI expert

New motor for MINI expert.
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The new motor for MINI expert.

Increased boats speed in the class MINI expert dictate new requirements for electric motors for these minibullet.
New motor Tenshock Viper 1515 - the most it to new victories!

Interesting fact - motor of the form factor (size), produces only Tenshock. It just so happened that these motors are very, very suitable for use is in ECO MINI expert!

On this motor won world shampionship im MINI ECO expert class.

In 2010, 2013, 2015 years... 

Motor Tenshock Viper 1515/15 is just perfect for a six-minute race.

When the screw diameter of 23,5 mm and a pitch of 35 mm ECO MINI expert Passes 6.10 - 6.30 minutes, wish battery 2500 mAh 2S1P.


Date of motor Tenshock Viper 1515/15

RPM: 3770 RPM pro/Volt.
The internal resistance of the windings: 0.07 Ohm.
The number of stator poles 4.
Motor body length: 30 mm
Diameter of motor body: 29.0 mm
Shaft diameter: 4 mm.

Motor Weight: 83 grams.
Maximum motor power: 500 W

Buy and Win !!!.

Производитель: Tenshock