ECO MINI EXPERT 2015 with glued all hardware. Without all electrics.

Newest Victory MINI weapon!
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Newest Victory MINI weapon!

The top of the evolution of MINI ECO buildings from Ecomaster ...

At exactly the same hull, with exactly the same geometry and contours, he had won the World Championship 2013.

Now you, dear reader, have the opportunity to get their hands on hull - the current world champion ...

In just a few years, and work with hull, i managed to bring it to a state of the best handling. Lengthen Redan, have an additional volume for easy installation steering servo.

And now, hull started go almost * directly from the table*.

And as you know - no racing boat does not go as it is necessary (for the championship result), immediately after its assembly.

This hull - almost immediately.

Find the alignment pattern, the body adjust to specific planing their propellers .. That's basically all you need to do .....

The main thing in this hull, with the appropriate filling and in the right hands - really become a champion in competitions of any rank ...

Winning the Cup of Russia in 2015 (St. Petersburg 01-05.05.2015)

Winning the international competition in the Moers (Germany, 15-17.05.2015)

Our top version of the MINI ECO.

This boat has repeatedly won in the class MINI ECO expert at competitions of various ranks.

Here's a video finals Russian Cop 2015.

Green Boat №1 - ours MINI 2015.


* The bottom of the boat is made with carbon fabric - for more hull strength.
* The boat glued all the insides.
* You will only supply electricity.

* Ruder wish parts - installed.
* Servo, and ruder mount.
* Motormount.
* Wathershaft house.
* Have propeller shaft from 2 mm wire, with threaded slot 3 mm diameter adapter, for propeller.
* Coupling 2X4 mm. for connecting the motor shaft and propeller shaft - in complete.
* Shortstop power wire (emergency stop) - the requirement of the rules.
* Installed power wires from the emergency switch on controller and battery.
* Installed in and out pipes, for motor water cooling circuit.
* In hull cutout holes for add and out of water, for hull coup system.
* Package is embedded silicone hose water cooling of the motor housing.

* Installed Sharped and balanced Propeller.

You can choose the color of the boat (see. * Options *).

You need to set:

* Servo on the rudder (you can order the boat with servo Futaba 3114 - this is the best for today!)
* Motor Controller (controller Castle Creations ICE 50 - I go to this ... But it is possible cheaper - Turnigy 40A)
* Electric motor (Tenshock Viper 1515/15 wish Wather cooling - this is the best for today!)

* Battery (Tenshock 2500mAh 2S1P)

And, go in battle ....

Setting model almost not needed. If you set it recommended
here electrics boat parts -model goes almost immediately.

Производитель: Ecomaster
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