Castle Creations EDGE Lite 75 wish telemetry. Controller for brushles motors.

75A controller with built-in telemetry!
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American manufacturer Castle Creation - widely known in narrow circles of modelers throughout the world.

Superior software used in the controllers, high build quality and components "made in USA" - these points make the Castle controllers are among the most interesting in its market sector.
75A controller with built-in telemetry!
What for? Yes, everything is simple - know what's going on in the boat - you know how to win !!!
The controller measures, records and displays after the race, in the form of graphs:

Battery voltage,
RPM motor,
Current consumption electric motor,
The power input of the electric motor,
The temperature controller keys,
The position of the gas transmitter handle.
Suggested battery capacity.

Technical parameters of the controller:

Maximum DC current of 75 A
Maximum BEC 5A
Voltage of BEC 5V-8,4V
Maximum batteries LiPo - 8 pcs.
Maximum NiCad/NiMh batteries - up to 27 pcs.
Length 66 mm.
Width 35 mm.
Height 21.4 mm.
Weight 41 grams without wires.
Weight with wires (5.2 mm. sq. 10 AWG) 81 grams.
The length of the wires to the motor 125 mm.
The length of the wires to the battery of 150 mm.
The dimension of the wire 10 AWG (about 5.2 mm.sq.)

Controller NOT waterproof.

In general, the registration that is necessary for ECO, FSR E, F1 classes.
Its main competitive advantage - the presence of HV BEC.

Power servo and the receiver runs right up to the 8-and LiPo batteries.


Технические характеристики
  Castle Creations
Application Boat models for all MINI classes, FSR E (4-8 LiPo). Little planes (up to 1,5 m.).
Add. function Data Logger, Phoenix Link
Current/Max AMP 75А/80А
NiMH/NiCd 6 - 28
LiPo/LiFe 2 - 8
Wathercooling NO, but is easy to install
Worked voltage 6 - 34 V
programmable Fully programmable via PC. Field (incomplete) * Programming is done on the *peaks* with transmitter or field programmer.
Type and maximum parameters BEC

Switchable up to 5A, adjustable from 5 to 8,4V

Max. number of servo / servo operating voltage 6-8 servo/5-8.4V
Dimensions 66mm x 35mm x 21,4mm

Cross section of the I / O of power wiring

10 AWG/10AWG (5,2 mm.sq.)
Weight 41 grams without cables / wires with 81 grams


Производитель: Castle Creations
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