Evgeniy Gromov

.ЕСО ТИП 2009 *Stern*

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MEGA HULL STERN (STAR) in 2009 with all glued internal infrastructure ....


2008 - World champion in the class FSR E
2008 - World champion in the class ECO expert seniors.
2010 - Second result in the world championship in the class FSR E.
2011 - European champion in class ECO expert seniors.
2011 - Winner of the Spanish Cup in the class ECO expert
2011 - Champion Open Championship of Russia in class ECO expert seniors (47 laps)
2011 - Champion Open Championship of Russia in the class ECO Team seniors.
2011 - Champion Ukraine in class ECO expert seniors.
2011 - Champion Ukraine in class ECO Team seniors.
2011 - Winner Ecomaster Cup 2011 in class ECO expert seniors.

2015 - Wice World Champion 2015, in class ECO standart seniors.

Hull is equipped with longitudinal glued watertight bulkhead.

Bottom material - sandwich:
Painting - car two component Duxon paint,
Fiberglass decorative layer 0.05 mm,
Fiberglass layer 0.20 mm,
Carbon fabric layer of 0.25 mm, 

Fiberglass layer 0.20 mm,

Armor-piercing mix ....

Hull length 600 mm.
Variants of colors body: (. * See above OPTIONS *)

Boat is available in very limited quantities. Do not delay - order: you will not regret!

Here's how it drives the body: our boat pale yellow color:

The photo shows hull already glued parts, wishout all elektronic. This promotional photo. Gathered for the installation of filling the boat is 230 Euro.
The scope of the proposed supply of filling is not included.

Contents of delivery:

Hull with the pasted germetiks bulkhead, the cover, the installation drawing for the class Eco Expert.

Производитель: Ecomaster
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