Wathercooling for Tenshock 1530-1540 CZ and VZ series

Original watercooling system from Tenshock.
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Original watercooling system from Tenshock. These duralumin cooling jacket, the manufacturer produces for their own motors.

This cooling jacket is mounted on motors Tenshock series CZ and VZ, 1530 and 1540.

Cooling jacket has two nozzle diameter of 4 mm, for putting them on a silicone hose for supplying and removing cooling water.

Diameter of the holes in the socket - 3 mm.

On the motor housing, the shirt is held by rubber O-rings, which are in the niches along the edges of the cooling housing.

Installing cooling on motor - very carefully. Softest rubber rings!

For a better sliding when installing shirts, rubber rings must be lubricated with any oil.

Outer diameter of the jacket - 33 mm

Width of the jacket - 37 mm


Производитель: Tenshock